First and Goal Sports Camps

As coaches we are constantly analyzing and trying to find an edge or and area to exploit or improve.  Leading up to our 2016 Launch at the AFCA we piloted our HnTv1 training footballs at, Northwood University (NU), a Division II NCAA program in Michigan that runs a spread option attack.  As you can see from the highlighted graphic above in the NU 2014 season (top highlighted total) the NU team had 14 fumbles, of which 3 were assigned to the QB.

We were fortunate enough to implement a half dozen HnTv1 training balls (they wanted more) during August practice then utilized them each and everyday in as many capacities as possible.  From pre-practice, to individual, to ball security circuit, to inside drill, to a player standing on the sidelines during practice each day throughout the 2015 Season.  Northwood University was excited to report that the 2015 season only saw 7 fumbles.  Ironically enough, 3 of the fumbles were again assigned to the QB mainly during passing situations.  Therefore, the NU stats show that if you count their major ball carriers (RB's), Northwood University had 11 in 2014 and 4 in 2015, a decrease of 64%.

Northwood University reported a noticeable difference with their ball security awareness throughout the season.  Their athletes reported extra attention to the positioning and pressure placed upon the ball anytime they carried the pigskin.  We received good feedback from the HnTv1 training ball from the players that used it:

"It (the HnTv1) improved our ball security".  
"The ball made us better." 
"We would not have protected the ball as well without the training of the buzzer each and everyday."  
"Players held others accountable because the buzzer noise was proof of a player's proper protection of the ball."  
"Thank you.  I am a better running back because I used that ball this Fall!"  
‚Äč"Can we have it for the off-season?"