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Questions and Answers about our programs and Youth Football in general. 

1) We are a fundamental camp, not a showcase. The difference is we teach the most up to date skills at camp and we do not play a bunch of games or do 1 on 1 drills all day. We are not promoting college recruiting for 6th graders. One of the biggest myths out there are is that college coaches recruit middle school kids. College coaches do not go to Middle School showcases. In fact, many kids work on playing games too much and neglect skill development.


2) We separate our kids into age groups based on age and skill. We normally have three age groups at our camps and clinics. The only thing an 8th grader will have in common with a 2nd grader is the love for the game of football.


3) There is no contact at camp, however we will practice tackling. We practice tackling on shields and pads along with working on proper leverage in various drills. Learning these skills without pads will create positive habits which will improve their skill of tackling while keeping them safer.


4) Based on the note above we would let our own kids play football. It is safer than ever before and it teaches life skills that cannot be learned anywhere else.


5) At camp we will play some games but camp is a working camp, it is not all fun and games. The kids will learn A LOT of skills. At our March clinic no games are played we only teach skills.


6) Most of our staff is made up of college coaches and the NCAA does not allow us to train kids entering 9th grade our age limit is 8th grade.


7) We will include speed and agility training in our curriculum but that is not our main focus. Marc Gaudet from VETS is our Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach.


8) We do speak to youth and high school coaching groups often. in fact we love to partner up with other groups in Friend/Fundraising efforts.


9) Even though we do not train kids in 9th grade or higher we do host Prospect Camps at East Stroudsburg University which serves as a recruiting camp.


10) Lastly, we promote multi-sport athletes. We will help kids become better football players but we do not preach focusing on one sport.